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Few Basement Renovation Ideas You Can Try Out In Your House

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basement renovation ideas - homerefurnishing.com

Many people are not bothered about their basements,basement renovation ideas. Maybe they feel it is a waste of time and money. They are concerned about the looks of the house and are satisfied with it, if the looks are fine. When you want value and comfort to your home, then you will want to design your basement and use it.

Why do you want to waste the space in your basement? However, if you have not done this work before, it may seem as a difficult task.basement renovation ideas But it can be an enjoyable task with little planning and expert advice. Here are few basement decorating ideas that you can implement in your basement.

basement renovation ideas - homerefurnishing.com

Basement ceiling options

You need to know that, what will work out for some, might not work out for you. So, do not get disappointed when things do not work out as planned.

With some imagination, things can work out.

Home theater room

basement renovation ideas - homerefurnishing.com

Basement renovation ideas

If you like watching movies, then you might want to change your basement into a home theater room. Of course, you will want to make sure that the ceilings and walls have the necessary acoustic lining. That will provide you with quality sound as if you were watching a movie in a closed room.

Gaming room

You can also use your basement as a gaming room. You have plenty of games to play in your basement. Your basement can hold a pool table or ping pong table. During the weekends you can play a game of pool or ping pong along with your family or friends. As it is the basement, the noise levels wouldn’t reach out and neighbors might not be bothered at all.


You can also use the basement as a bar. Though it might sound little weird for some people, many home owners have done it. What better way to relax on a weekend along with friends over a drink? You can also use the basement to store your wine and other glass cups. You just need to make sure that plumbing work is done perfectly.

The lighting in the basement

The lighting in the basement is another thing that needs to be thought about. As it is the basement, you might not receive ample lighting. Instead of using too many ceiling lights, you might want to make use of table lamps. They are easy to install and provide adequate lighting. The lighting should be adequate for you to see where you are going.

The ceiling of the basement

basement renovation ideas - homerefurnishing.com

Basement designs ideas

You also got few basement ceiling options for your basement. You need to know that the ceiling of your basement will be low. That is why, it is vital, you make the right decision. You can either use a false ceiling or a cemented ceiling. Both come with their pros and cons. You will also want to look at your budget and requirements.

When your electrical wiring in the basement is too much, then it is best to go with a cemented ceiling as you do not want to injure yourself with a false ceiling. False ceiling can fall of anytime. If you plan on using your basement as a living room, then it is important that you make proper decisions on the ceiling.

Hope the basement designs ideas above were useful for you.



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