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Some Designs for your Kitchen Countertop Edges

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The most attractive portion in your kitchen is the countertop. If your countertop edgesis not attractive then you would want to know that your resale value comes down. In a few years time, when you decide to sell your house, then the countertop inside your kitchen plays a vital role. Your kitchen countertop edges can improve the appearance when it has been designed properly.

You will be surprised to find out that many stone manufacturers suggest you understand the best edge for your countertop that you plan to install inside your kitchen. It will take time, but you will want to ensure that you have the perfect edge inside your kitchen. The countertop edge in your kitchen should match the interiors of your kitchen.

You would also want to make sure that the edge does not affect the movement inside your kitchen. Depending on the number of people and activities inside your kitchen, you will want to decide on the edges inside your kitchen. In this article we will see few edges which you can make use of inside your kitchen.

Given below are some countertop edges which you can consider for your kitchen.

Bevel edge

This edge is one of the most popular designs which can be implemented inside a kitchen. The edge is beveled at 45º angle and placed at the bottom and top of the edge. That depends on your requirement. You have several variations including the ¼ bevel, ¼ bevel top and bottom, reverse bevel, and ½ bevels.

Bull nose edge

The bull nose edge is a circular shaped counter top edge. In the design you got several variations like the half bull nose. In the half bull nose edge, the half of the edge is round in shape and the full bull nose is where the whole edge is similar to a half moon. You also got a ¼ round and the demi bull nose which is suitable for kitchen countertops which has lot of activity

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Bull Nose Edge

Straight edge

The straight edge is the common edge of counter top. Though it is simple to see, the design offers excellent functionality. That makes it easy to maintain as the spilled liquids and food does not affect your eyes. The straight edge is not straight but rounded off to decrease the sharpness. When you require an edge that can help perform lot of activities, then choose this design.

The above edges are commonly seen in many kitchens. You would want to ensure that you decide on the edge you want to select based on your requirements.

Consult with a professional carpenter

You will want to consult with a professional carpenter on the countertop edges which you want to have inside your kitchen. The carpenter might suggest you something based on your needs. You will want to make sure that you tell them what you exactly want so that the carpenter can understand your requirements and offer you the best solution.

You can also look up on the internet and learn more about the countertop edge designing.

Hope you found the above article on wooden countertops useful.



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