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Some Pointers to Know Before You Design Fireplace inside Your Home

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If you plan on designing a design fireplace or remodel fireplace fireplace, then you would want to know few pointers which can help you take better decisions. To remodel fireplace you should ensure that you are using the right materials. You must know several pointers that can help you design the fireplace which you were looking for.

Given below are some design fireplace tips you must know.

Type of fire

You would want to decide the kind of fire you are planning to install inside your house. You need to know if it is gas or wood. Wood is normally used in many houses and provides the warmth which you need. Not to mention the crackling sound of wood as it burns. These are some of the things you would remember when you were a child.

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Design fireplaces

But, you might want to consider using a gas insert. The gas insert is a safe choice when compared to wood.

The facing on the structure

The facing on the fireplace is mostly done using brick. It provides a vintage appearance. But if you go with gas insert, then you will be amazed at the types of designs you got to choose. Especially when you are residing in a contemporary house, with modern accessories, you do not want the appearance to get spoilt due to the brick fireplace.

Choice of mantle

You would want to know the choice of the fireplace mantel shelves. These shelves can enhance the appearance of your fireplace. You will want to make sure that the proportion and balance is perfect when designing the fireplace. You will want to see to that the mantle does is not very heavy and cause damage to your fireplace.

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Fireplace mantel shelves


The add-ons which you are going to have in your fireplace are something you will have to decide. The add-ons are shelving for books, wooden box, and others. You will want to make sure that electronic devices are kept far away from these add-ons. You do not want them to be nearby your fireplace as the fire can harm the devices.

Make sure it is safe

You will want to see to that it is safe to use, especially when you have small kids at home. You do not want them to play around the fireplace and injure themselves. It is best to get them covered using the glass materials which are usually used to cover them. The heat is transferred throughout the area and the smoke gets outside the house, without causing inconvenience.

Surf the internet

You will want to surf the internet for ideas on how to remodel fireplace. There are many sources which contain information on remodeling fireplace. You would want to visit those websites and find out more. The pictures that are on the internet can help you decide on the fireplace which you want to install inside your house.

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Remodel Fireplace

Hire a contractor

You will want to hire a contractor who can remodel your fireplace as the way you like. Remodeling the fireplace is not a simple job. You need to ensure that it is well done and you are satisfied once the job is done. The safety precautions should be taken when installing the fireplace.So, it is important that the contractor you are selecting is a reliable one.

From the above, it is clear that to design fireplace, you need to make proper decisions.



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