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Things to Know Before Utilizing Solar House Design

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Since you have planned to choose solar panel installation, solar house designs you would want to know certain factors which can enable you to have a solar house. A solar house utilizes the sunlight to provide for the functions of your house. In the sense, you are making use of solar energy to cook your food, operate your oven, use your television, work on your laptop, etc.

Merely having the electric solar panels installed in your house will not enable your house to operate well. That is because, during the daytime, when the sun is shining brightly, your house will get sufficient sunlight. But, at night, it will not get the sunlight to help you operate the appliances and electronic products.


That is why, you will want to make sure that you plan your solar house is such a way, that it maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the day and retains heat at night, solar house designs will help you.

Accordingly, you will want to plan your house. When you are living in the North hemisphere, you will want to keep in mind to position your kitchen and living room to the South side. If winter arrives, then the sunlight comes at the back. The basic solar house designs here are to have sunlight inside the rooms of your house which are frequented by many people.

Window size

The size of your window is important. You will want to know that your windows lose the heat which comes from sunlight. If you have glass materials, then you need to know that it allows the heat to leave your house quickly. Instead, you will want to make sure that you have double glazed windows.

The double glazed windows let the sunlight come inside your house and do not allow them out. Apart from that, you would want to keep the size of your windows in mind. The size of your window must be appropriate to the size of your rooms. It should be 30% of the room. You do not want to have it lesser than that.

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Electric solar panels

Materials to use

You must ensure that you do not have materials which are low on insulation. When you have materials which are more on insulation, then you can retain the heat inside your house. The insulated walls keep the heat inside your house and not let them go through. Mostly, the heat escapes through the roof, based on the height of your house.

You would want to install curtains inside your house that can retain the heat. The windows which you have inside your house must be made from thick materials. You will want to also install an insulated tiled floor inside your house. That enables the heat from escaping your house and you need to install a material that is able to keep the heat for hours.

You will want to hire a genuine contractor who can enable you to design a solar house. You might want to visit their website to ensure that they provide good service. The materials that they utilize must be quality. You can communicate with their previous customers who can tell you, whether they did a good job or not.

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Solar house designs

Based on that, you would want to make your decision.

The above solar house design ideas will help built a solar house which is comfortable for your family to stay and operate your appliances in a safe way.



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